The Grocery List

Grocery List:

Sitting, looking at this list
things I need
but can do without

One more thing needs to be added
thing I need
but can’t do without

Are they really selfless
these mothers that never were?

I have another new dog
passed around too many times
in her young life

Jumps at every sound
wary but wanting
the love I can give

Loki snuggles on my lap
has he forgotten his former life?

I want to be him
I want to forget

A show was on tonight
a fictional, happy-ever-after plot
adopted daughter finds father and grandmother

A momentary lapse into fantasy
but then reality sets in
of something I need, but will never find

Grocery List:


Something I can’t live without


~ by eunmi38 on July 22, 2007.

One Response to “The Grocery List”

  1. em. loved this one. i’m just checking thru my ‘fav blogs’ list while avoiding stuff i NEED to do~! this sadness is palpable. i love your words. and i hate your sadness

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