Sativa 002

Black and beautiful
I’m losing a piece of my heart rapidly
Osteosarcoma- -bone cancer
the blond angel, posing as a vet

At 8 y/o
she’s more dominant than most males
and yet
she’s first in line
to lick the tears from my eyes

How long? I ask
Maybe a month
maybe two
the pain will worsen
each and every day

Keep her on pain meds
until they don’t help any longer
Then do the kindest thing
but how do I send away
she who loves me best?

I am her mother
not by birth, but by love
I will love her
and hold her
and give her sad kisses

That’s what mothers do


~ by eunmi38 on June 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sativa”

  1. i leave you with sad hugs from afar as an email and a fellow love of the love between dogs and their humans. hugs hugs hugs cynthia

  2. Setiva was a very sweet girl with a sense of humor and a rebellious streak. She had an entertaining life full of teeth baring and pig ears and she got to sleep on the bed. She will not be forgotten.

  3. I am so very sorry about losing your dog. It must be very painful to lose such a wonderful friend.

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