APs often complain that adoption is not given the same worth as having one’s own child.  Perhaps, one of the reasons for this is the ability for some to disrupt (or give a child back).  There are valid reasons, and I know of some APs who have done so for, what appears to be, valid reasons….serious medical conditions that were not known about before the adoption occurred.  But some, and these are the ones that should NEVER be allowed to adopt again, disrupt because the child cries or throws tantrums.  These people are the ones that give APs a bad name.

 Anyways, a new poem…

Dear Adoption Agency,

I am sorry to inform
that this child you sold
is less than perfect

We paid alot
we expect perfection
no whining
no tantrums
no crying

The funds raised
from family, friends
the internet
demand a child
free of fault

We didn’t know
that we would get
we are not ashamed
of asking for more

We await our refund
or a different model
that fits our needs

(fill in blank)


~ by eunmi38 on May 19, 2007.

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