Men–oomph–what are they good for. Absolutely nothing! (well, except for killing bugs)

I was talking to a girlfriend tonight, who’s kinda in the same kind of relationship I used to be in.   And I thought “who the hell are these guys, and where the fuck do they come from?!”

It’s so hard, because we love them so much, but to stay with them means to be eaten up alive…and slowly, which makes it even more torturous!

 Why is it that the men we meet love our personalities and our independence, and then when they have us, they want to ground that into the dirt and remake us into gray little nobodies who sit around waiting for their call?

 Sigh…and what does that say for us?  We’re educated, we’re smart, and yet…..

 I love myself….I think I love myself….maybe I don’t love myself enough.


~ by eunmi38 on February 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “Men–oomph–what are they good for. Absolutely nothing! (well, except for killing bugs)”

  1. keep loving the right people.

  2. thanks for the blog….wanted to let you know I’m reading.

  3. You know, I don’t think that loving these men is about being educated or has to do with our intelligence. I believe when you love someone so much you are willing to do anything for him or her. It’s more about loyalty and always having their back and you would change yourself for them. I think women compromise more and change their beliefs and goals to be with a man that they love. I don’t think that men do. If we as women could be like “fuck them” and do our own thing, then we would be just like a man. And maybe if we didn’t put our all into them, then maybe they would take a step back and be like “whoah I need to change”. Like if we didn’t care or sit and wait by the phone for them to call.

    Anyways that’s my 2 cents, brought to you by the Mommy Club

  4. I love bugs, most bugs. But I kill bugs, ’cause I have a wife & 2 daughters…was a time a spider on the wall or cricket chriping inside was a good sign. There will always be bugs, just doing their bugmanity, but I feel pressured to do the ‘one’ thing I am good for…what happened to being able to connect stereo equipment? Is that not another in my Y-chromosome arena?

    Love that old song ‘War’ out of Motown, first on a Temptations album, but a huge hit as a Single by Edwin Starr.
    Single is sometimes the best place & timing.

    “War, huh, yeah, what is it good for…”
    Song is now revived by an old British bunch with a famous former member, according to wikipedia, “Most recently, the song has been released by a group claiming to be the reunited ‘Ugly Rumours,’ the band led by Tony Blair during his time at university, as a protest against the Iraq war.”

    Bugs me that song can be newly connected to yet another wartime.

  5. ….so someone who got involved with a jerk told me about the jerk’s family history of violence and neglect and I said “ohhhh big caution flag!” We all have a past, some of have more than others, and even more importantly, how we deal with that past and how much of it and how it leaks into the present has a lot to do with whether or not we act like jerks in relationships. just a humble opinion.

    Hang in there, There are a lot of people who aren’t jerks and you deserve one!!!!

    Wanda from IAT

  6. Hey, girl, ya do what ya gotta do to get through. And you stay or leave until the time is right.

    I agree with Wanda, you deserve the best.

    And one can be as lonely as a two as a one. Sometimes the two-loneliness is worse.

    We’re here for you.

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