Two Worlds

What can you say to us
The “chosen”
The lost children
Of birthmothers
Too wounded, too young, too selfish
To care

What can you do to lessen the pain
The rejection
The anger
The knowledge
Of trashcans and city steps
Orphanages and foster homes

Two worlds
We step lightly in both
Not belonging to either
Disconnected and distant

What do we say
To mothers born and mothers made
How do we make you understand
The grief
The unconsolable
Unbelievable, undying, unending loss

©2006 Kim Eun Mi Young


~ by eunmi38 on February 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Two Worlds”

  1. Cool, adoptee poetry, very nice.

    May I link to this?

  2. Your poetry spoke volumes of truth to me. I applaud you on your honesty. I only wish I could write down my own thoughts and feelings as beautiful as you did. very inspiring.

  3. Damn… my eyes are all wet now.

    Take care.

    Choi Kwang-Joo(Korean orphean & adoptee).

  4. beautiful, may I repost on my Special mothers page?

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