I Cry

I cry
but no one comes
this room
with many beds
with many children
with much noise
with no mothers

I wonder
alone at night
surrounded by family
so much gratitude
so much love
why there is so much
and yet, so little

I rage
in someone’s arms
I rage
with every drink I take
with every blunt I smoke
the rage is unanswerable
the mother, not found

I search
with desperation
with despair
with hope
the sounds of mothers
calling for the children
cries from keyboards
To come home
not mine
never mine

And so,
I cry
for that room
with so many beds
with so many children
with no mothers
for myself

©2006 Kim Eun Mi Young


~ by eunmi38 on February 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “I Cry”

  1. Your poetry is very powerful as I’ve told you before. I could have written this at any of your poems. Love, Karin http://www.savvythinker.com

  2. Eun Mi:
    This poem is profound. It touched me deeply.
    Love, Cheryl

  3. Simply beautiful! I have tears in my eyes…

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