Smoking and Self-Righteous People

So, I turn on the tv and see that Rachel Ray is talking about skin damage and women.  She brings on some 20-something guy who berates a woman in the audience for being a smoker and tells her “you just have to stop or you’re going to look like this…”, and then they show a picture of what she’ll probably look like in 10 years.  Reminds me of those photos they show of crackheads to scare kids from starting down that dark road. 

I’m 40-something; been smoking for about 30 years.  I smoke to prevent myself from killing someone!  Given a chance to go back in time, I never would have started, but that’s where it’s at.  Smoking relieves the stress when I know that my newest doberman has peed somewhere and I can’t find it.  It dulls the olfactory senses when I leave a client’s home that smells like pee, poop, and well…old people.  It calms the rage when the soon-to-be ex tells me he’s leaving, after 9 years of supporting him financially and emotionally (while he was trying to become the best fucking musician he could be).   So, if smoking ages me, the tradeoff is worth it!


~ by eunmi38 on February 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Smoking and Self-Righteous People”

  1. hey eun mi, i know the smoking is about survival and coping. i just want you to be healthy and be around forever~! glad to know about your blog. keep on writing great poetry.

  2. Ah . . . smoking! I smoked my first cigarette at five years old; stole it from the old man. I started inhaling when I was nine and smoking in front of my parents (after almost burning the house down) at 15. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in years, though for most of that time I smoked pot every day to help me deal with the jones.

    Now I smoke cigars on and off. When I do I inhale, otherwise what’s the point? It’s like drinking decaffeinated coffee or fake beer. Sorry. I’d rather be dead.

    Of course, I have to temper all this with the reality that I have two young children I brought into my life and, at nearly sixty years old, I need to be around for another twenty years (at least) – so I’m trying to be responsible. Stop – Start – Stop – Start. I need at least one vice and they’re getting so much more difficult to hang on to.

  3. People who insist I stop smoking have never seen me under the influence of nicotine withdrawl. They stop worrying about my health if they do and start worrying about their own. 😉

    Love your poetry. Keep up the great work!

  4. wondering if I’m an ex-smoker turned self-righteous..? Nope – but ex-smoker yes. “Hello my name is Brit Kim Sung Kyung and I admit to having inhaled thousands’n’thousands of cigarettes in the name of stress, pressure to stay slim/anorextic! And I wasn’t prepared when I joined a yoga-meditation course that – an awful stench was being released – not by my fellow yogi’s but.. from my lungs! eeewwhhch – that actually made me stop smoking – and start BREATHING .. I’m still not going self-righteous.. but just had to leave a message saying – there is life out there – after smoking – You are not alone – if you dare go there* will look by more often

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